Buying and selling a property can be incredibly stressful but with the right preparation and team around you a lot of the stress can be removed.


Tip 1. Preparation is key. Get a full builders report in advance so anything that comes up you have time to deal with. The more you know about your home the better

Tip 2: Note down all your homes improvements - including everything you have done on your property

Tip 3. With getting the builders report ensure you know the plumbing, wiring and general maintenance of the home - buyers need this for the bank and insurance companies

Tip 4. If any issues arise from the builders report and you don't want to fix them its no problem we can help provide quote so to help buyers complete their due diligence

Tip 5. Order a LIM report - they are valid when selling for 6 months ensure everything has been correctly documented from the council

Tip 6. Declutter - show your spaces off as best as you can also look into home staging if it is going to be vacant

Tip 7. Deep clean - will help minimise work through the marketing process


Tip 1. Get a mortgage broker and understand exactly your goals for buying a property

Tip 2. Engage a solicitor so they can act fast for you when you find a home you like

Tip 3. Try do your due diligence before offering

Tip 4. Insurance - ensure you can get this by calling around and getting quotes we are finding AA to be super helpful

Tip 5. Talk to your agent - get an understanding of the properties price feedback

Tip 6. Don't give up buying a home is a journey