It’s all in the planning. Make sure you have all the details prior to marketing. A good campaign must be organised.

Online presence is critical - photos are the first impression for buyers.

Cookie cutter campaigns don't work. A specific marketing plan for your home is crucial.

Insurance is becoming an issue for buyers so important to check if your insurer will roll over the policy to any new buyers and disclose if any EQC claims were made at the time of the Kaikoura Earthquake

Buyers are time poor and information rich. Ensure your agent has as much details as possible - LIM and Builders reports have now become an expectation in the market place.  


Becoming unconditional is not the easiest however it does help your position when offering on a property. Surround yourself with a good property team.

Mortgage brokers


Building inspector

Agents you can speak candidly with

This is tripping a few buyers up worth getting on to quickly:
The following companies are ones that we know of taking on new clients
- AA Insurance 0800 500 2331
- Tower 0800 379 372
- Vero 0800 808 508

Get yourself a working checklist so when a property you like pops up you can work through the motions quickly and get yourself in the best position possible.