JULY 2021!
HALFWAY THROUGH 2021 and the property market in Wellington remains painful for many buyers, with listings sitting under 380 for the whole Wellington area. A mix of results continues to make it hard for buyers to gauge realistic offers. Homes well presented in good locations are seeing 15 plus offers in some instances whilst other properties in less desirable areas or ones that have a more investment element seem to be taking a longer time to reach a sale with considerably less interest.

How do I downsize or upsize my house?

Getting realistic: When you’re upsizing, it can be easy to get carried away and start dreaming of huge homes with massive gardens. Even when downsizing, it can be easy to find yourself viewing properties that aren’t really any different in size to where you live at the moment. Many buyers fail to remove their rose-tinted glasses when downsizing their home, which can leave you out of pocket and right back where you started.

Have a read below on our best tips: https://www.apawellington.com/articles/tips-for-upsizing-and-downsizing

Advantages for selling your home in winter.

Viewing a home on a wet miserable day generally isn't the best time however, if buyers can walk into a warm, dry and inviting home they are going to be very positive about the prospect of living there. Perfect time to showcase modern home features including heating systems and insulation.

Tips on presenting:

  • Use high impact images on clear days
  • Dusk shots can be used to grab buyers attentions
  • Show off the modern elements of the home