Reading an interesting article posted on Stuff recently a family relocating to NZ found the New Zealand rental and buying market soulless. Do homes need effort put in to get a premium price? or is our 'housing bubble' so high now everything sells at a record price?

We cannot speak on behalf of New Zealand but in Wellington – we believe pride still counts. We have experience in selling homes needing to be fully demolished through to brand new developments and we see every day the importance of pitching a property correctly.

Owners are often faced with the debate of doing all required work before coming to the market or leaving it to the new owner to “make their own mark”.  And although there will always be an appetite for your “renovators dreams” the biggest difference we see is how it is positioned in the market. We find being up front is important. The "lip stick on a pig" approach rarely works.

Those who have fully renovated and kept on top of the maintenance, when it does come to sell  – the difference a bit of soul makes is huge.

Take a look at some of our recent homes we have marketed as an example:

Styling and staging shown here is much more than a few nice cushions and flowers, thoughts and colours are complemented together to make you feel like you are at home.

These homes tick all the boxes and when complemented with styling, our weeks and open homes are jam packed with buyers. Emotional buyers.