House buying process - by Lance from Velocity Financial


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Lance B Shearman at Velocity Financial
My job is to find and design the best mortgage for your needs. With access to all the Banks, my free
and impartial advice will save you time and money.
Whether it is a first home, investment or refinance I am able to help, moreover I can connect you to
the right professionals to make the process even more seamless and beneficial for you.

Lance Shearman
Velocity Financial Ltd
Phone: (04) 803 3616 | Mobile: 027 249 2914                                           
Fax: (04) 803-3617 | Email:
“When we were starting out, my wife and I looked at some terrible houses. We thought these were
all we could afford. After we found out our financial truth, however, our options expanded and we
were pleasantly surprised at what we were able to purchase”. B York